Components and Subsystems for Optical Beam Guidance and Beam Manipulation

The Fraunhofer IPMS and the Fraunhofer IOF have many years of extensive know-how in research, development and production of optical and micromechanical components for optical beam guidance and manipulation. MEOS has access to these component related competencies, so it can develop complete modules or subsystems for customers. In addition to the actual components, control electronics and operating software are also within the focus of activities in order to guarantee the customer the simplest possible dealing with the components. Detailed descriptions of the development achievements of the MEOS can be found in the project descriptions below. Perspective developments include further high-resolution methods of light microscopy and endoscopy.

Current Projects in Optical Beam Guidance and Beam Manipulation

Structured Illumination

High-resolution microscopy with significantly reduced phototoxicity

Laser Scanning Microscopy

In-time tumor diagnosis during surgery by in-vivo confocal microscopy

Compact Bioimaging Solutions

Improved imaging in point-of-care diagnostics