Nahaufnahme eines Mikroskopes in einem Labor
Nahaufnahme eines Mikroskopes in einem Labor

Fraunhofer Project Hub MEOS: Combination of complementary competences

Research & Development

Scientific and technical work at the Fraunhofer Project Hub MEOS is organized in three different Technology Platforms that cover different aspects of biomedicine. The Fraunhofer institutes linked to the Project Hub bring in their competencies for the technology Platforms. Fraunhofer IPMS is working on M(O)EMS components and signal processing. Required optical concepts, elements and system integration including image analysis are delivered by Fraunhofer IOF. Expertise in biomedical applications which includes specifications, requirements and testing comes from Fraunhofer IZI.

Technology platforms in detail


Structured Illumination


Advanced Imaging


Biofunctional Surfaces and Biosensors