How to work with us

Possibilities of cooperation with Fraunhofer

Specialists from the fields of electronics, optics, software and biology work together at Fraunhofer Center MEOS. For our solutions we can draw on a large pool of knowledge and infrastructure; directly in Erfurt as well as at the main institutes.

Both industrial and service companies (small, medium-sized, corporations) as well as scientific institutions are our potential customers or cooperation partners. Together with our main institutes, we can offer a wide range of opportunities for collaboration in research and development.


Excerpt of the services at Fraunhofer Center MEOS:


  • customer / application specific research and development
  • pilot production of MEMS and optical components (via main institutes)
  • system demonstrators and prototypes
  • small series production of systems


Markets we are involved:


  • medicine
  • analytics
  • diagnostics
  • biotechnology
  • biophotonics
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • food industry

In addition, we are also open to talks about transferring our technologies, which we use for medicine, to other markets. In a joint dialogue, we can determine ways of working together and the effort involved. Possible cooperations can be designed freely, so that we can adapt to your specific wishes.

General and further information on the cooperation with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft can be found on the FAQ`s: Everything you wanted to know about Fraunhofer.