Non-invasive diagnostics and screening

In this field, the Fraunhofer Center MEOS is currently working on gas analysis using ion mobility spectrometry.

The preferably portable, highly sensitive detection and concentration determination of volatile organic components (VOCs) as biomarkers in exhaled air allows for earlier detection of disease indications, especially in the field of infectious diseases and, above all, non-invasively and thus in a particularly gentle way for patients. In combination with multimodal data fusion and analysis, an automated, AI-supported evaluation of the processed raw sensor data becomes possible.

The developments for a basic technology and a competence platform for the development of silicon-based photonic integrated circuits (PIC) for biosensors are the second pillar in the topic. The goal is to develop all the basic technological modules for low-cost, simple and fast-responding photonic sensors that take advantage of photonic integration, i.e. sensibility, multiplexing, miniaturization and the ability to work without labels or reagents.

Current projects

Breath analysis

Ion mobility spectrometry

Photonic biosensors

MIC PreCell

MEOS Innovation Center for Precision Analysis of Cell Therapy Products