System design and integration of photonic, mechanical and fluidic platforms

This offering meets the demand from industry for compact, highly integrated systems, which contain all functionalities necessary for the function. A special focus is on optical fiber assembly. Through automated manufacturing processes, Fraunhofer Center MEOS is able to offer not only prototypical realizations, but also small series production.

On the one hand, the work is focused on the joining of hybrid components of integrated optics with the goal of creating technologies for reproducible fiber coupling with minimal insertion loss (e.g. connection of chip-integrated waveguides). On the other hand, the goal is to establish flexible handling and optical quality control of arbitrary surfaces of (micro-)optical components with simultaneous high-precision robot guidance of sensors, processing systems and grippers in combination with automated precision assembly.

The necessary processes and related infrastructure, such as a Ficontec assembly plant, can be used in a variety of ways: for topics in which Fraunhofer MEOS itself conducts pre-development, in medical customer projects outside of these topics (e.g. in the micro-assembly of endoscopes) or also in fields of application besides medicine, i.e. quantum technologies.