Welcome to the Fraunhofer Center for Microelectronic and Optical Systems for Biomedicine

The Fraunhofer Center MEOS conducts research in the field of biophotonics and develops technical systems for applications in biomedicine.

This primarily includes the topics “medical optical imaging” and “sensors and diagnostics”. The research and development results also offer an additional exploitation perspective in markets such as laboratory automation, food analysis, environmental technology, mobility and quantum technologies.

The special feature of Fraunhofer MEOS is that employees with complementary skills can work together in one place and exchange scientific ideas. This significantly speeds up work on ongoing projects and allows new project ideas to emerge.

In close cooperation with industry, solutions who are ready for use are to be created that offer new functionalities compared to technology, but are also miniaturized in order to accomplish the demands of personalized medicine.

These solutions are then to be transferred to industry. 

Current research at the Fraunhofer Center MEOS covers the following topics:


Components and subsystems for optical beam guidance and manipulation


Multimodal data fusion and analysis


Non-invasive diagnostics and screening


System design and integration of photonic, mechanical and fluidic platforms

Fraunhofer Center MEOS

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