Test and characterization of imaging and sensory systems in S1 environment

Due to the different core competencies of the institutes involved in Fraunhofer Center MEOS, the location has a unique combination of laboratories, which has a positive interdisciplinary effect. 

There is the possibility to test technical system solutions directly in a biological application environment, which significantly simplifies the individual development processes and reduces logistical difficulties. 

Overview of the laboratories at Fraunhofer Center MEOS

Optics laboratories

  • air-damped optical tables
  • basic equipment in optical and optomechanical components

Chemistry lab

Meets requirements for biological safety level S1:

Carrying out work with biological substances and organisms that are no longer active and do not pose a threat to the environment or employees.

Biophotonics lab

  • execution of works on photonic biosensors
  • availability of a light sheet microscope 

Electronics lab

  • construction and testing of control circuits, etc.

Microscopy lab

  • commercial Leica Di8 life science microscope
  • self-developed confocal laser scanning microscope for biomedical imaging 

Robotics lab

  • 6-DOF industrial robot for testing robotic functions in a medical environment (e.g. surgical robotics)

Clean room

  • for micro assembly of modules & systems
  • for characterization of MEMS devices
  • Production-ready equipment for system integration: for joining processes with biocompatible materials

A further expansion of the infrastructure for basic experiments in the field of quantum communication is currently taking place, which is being implemented together with the main site Fraunhofer IOF Jena.

Furthermore, a 3DTechLab will be implemented with the aim of characterizing and qualifying new sensor solutions with qualified specialists. Among other things, investigations into environmental influences and other influences such as acceleration/vibrations as well as evaluations of new types of lighting and projection systems under normal conditions and under environmental influences could be carried out here. The technical infrastructure for this has already been installed.