Spatial Light Modulator

Spatial light modulator with encapsulation (256x256 individually controlled mirrors of size 16x16 μm²).

Structured Illumination

The aim of the Technology Platform “Structured Illumination” is the development of optical modules for high resolution microscopy with reduced photo toxicity. The solutions make use of optimized MEMS micro mirror arrays that act as programmable spatial light modulators in combination with dedicated optical systems. The combination of two micro mirror arrays in an dedicated optical setup allows for spatial and angular control of illumination and enable the projection of well-defined light patterns. The spatial light modulators developed at Fraunhofer IPMS consist of arrays of micro mirrors on semiconductor chips, whereby the number of mirrors varies depending on the application, from a few hundred to several millions. In most cases this requires a highly integrated application-specific electronic circuit (ASIC) as basis for the component architecture in order to enable an individual analog deflection of each micro mirror. In addition, electronics and software for mirror array control are also available.