Nahaufnahme eines Mikroskopes in einem Labor
Nahaufnahme eines Mikroskopes in einem Labor

Advanced Imaging

The Technology Platform “Advanced Imaging” currently works on three solutions that show the competence of the Project Hub in innovative optical imaging:

  • Long-term investigation of living species by screening light sheet microscopy: goal is the development of modules for high throughput imaging of living species based on mSPIM (multidirectional single plane illumination microscopy). One requirement which drives this work is the need to reduce photo toxicity and photo bleaching for monitoring of biological processes over long periods of time. In addition to electronic and optical developments, optimized assays and image analysis routines are developed.
  • In-time tumor diagnosis during surgery by in-vivo confocal microscopy: Competence in fluorescence confocal microscopy will be demonstrated by a system that is capable to differentiate in real-time between malign and normal cells and that can be used during surgery. Image acquisition is based on MEMS micro scanning mirrors made out of monocrystalline silicon wafers.
  • Improved imaging in Point-of-care diagnostics: those developments will lead to ultra-compact systems with high optical magnification by combination of innovative MEMS driving schemes with micro lens arrays. Systems with optical resolution down to the Sub-µm range are possible that can be manufactured by wafer-level-integration. They will enable robust diagnostics with reduced time for the analysis.